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January 01, 2015

Javic Homes - Revamped the website with a crispy new look and feel.

Dynamic Yards is having a long relationship with Javic Homes. Javic is an honored member of the Southern Living Custom Builder group from Tampa, Florida. We did the initial website work two years back and were supporting the client throughout these years.
Now we have just completed the website re-designing for Javic Homes. They wanted to redesign their existing website which should give a new face to their company.
Their requirements include a new graceful design, a smooth user interface with the latest technology and few functionality additions.
We have done the revamping phase by phase which included:- 
  • A Responsive website design in Parallax style.
  • Included features like CMS, multiple Galleries, Video sections, Chat functionality, Blog.
  • In addition, we have also implemented basic SEO elements.
Thus we have successfully completed and re-launched the website exactly according to our client expectations…
Please have a look through the website:-  www.javichomes.com
April 04, 2013

Starting with the Recruitment Phase

In this new financial year, we have widened our future company plans and objectives in order to have a better exposure in the field of web designing and web development. As an initial step, we are now in the recruitment phase to enter the new stage of extending our company to meet the wide array of projects that are in the pipeline. We already have new faces in the beginning of this financial year and are expecting more to be appointed in the coming months to handle the new requirements.

We, at Dynamic Yards have a lot to be proud of and beyond that we need to break all the limits to engrave in the thriving and growing world of design and software industry. We, along with our technical experts have taken the resolution to showcase our creative skills and efforts to those who are in need of. 
If you need support in planning, designing or structuring your website from scratch or your website need to be redesigned, we can help you through all your needs. Please be in touch.
March 11, 2013

The Upcoming Project

Experts at Dynamic Yards Info Solutions are in the workshop on integrating a complete functionality custom website to be built using PHP and MySQL. We are very excited to launch this new sleek, pure-looking site about different services in connection with the wedding ceremony like Caterers, Florists, Photography, etc.
The client of this website is based in Florida and he demands:-
  • A search function for different states in the United States, metropolitan areas, and zip codes and this needs to display a listing page for each category (Caterers, Florists, Photography, etc.) when the search is performed. 
  • Another important area is the payment subscription page with various multilevel features.
Everything is being done in a seamless, perfect way that exactly matches the client requirements. We hope we could provide a clean uncluttered work that satisfies the client needs.
Please wait for the launch of this new website, which displays a crisp look and feel.
February 14, 2013

Latest Live Project

After the Christmas and New Year holidays, we were busy in January with several projects to complete that were all in the development phase. We are very happy that we have completed our task within the time frame with combined team effort.

Among those, one major project was for a Consulting Engineering firm that designs mechanical, electrical & plumbing system for commercial and multifamily buildings. Here the client needs the website to display a portfolio of company's work in a simple manner with a clickable gallery.
Guaranteed words given from the company side were:-
  • Will try our best to introduce innovative ways for developing your website and it will be more scalable which incorporates many ways to present your images.
  • The Gallery page will be effective enough to upload your engineering images both in thumbnail and larger image view into which you could add comments to the pictures.
We were able to implement all the minute details the client had in his mind and thus an easy to use interface was developed for the client. 
Please have a look at  http://www.impliciteng.com/
January 07, 2013

Cherished 2012

It's been a while since I've updated the news room with anything fresh. But now I have something exciting to share with you all........

2012 was a challenging year for Dynamic Yards with a number of inspiring projects that require well demanding creative designs of user friendly approach.

As one of the most proficient web development and web design providers in the market, we have been able to meet our client’s demands without missing even the minute specification. Please have a look through some of our last year’s remarkable pieces of work:-







We are very proud of our work and look forward to attaining even more unique projects in the starting of this wonderful New Year.

If you are looking for an extra ordinarily designed website that attract more traffic, have a click on our contact form, so that our design and development experts can help you all the way to launch your dream website.

June 03, 2011

Relaunched the Company Website - Dynamic Yards

In the midst of the hot summer, we at Dynamic Yards have been busy re-designing our company website. Since its launch in 2010, Dynamic Yards has been giving web solutions to its clients passionately and dedicatedly. Presently, with all the latest emerging technological innovations in the web designing field, we felt the need of a poignant re-structuring to incorporate all our new features and extraordinary web designing as well as development skills.

The new site is finally here and live for our clients. It has taken a bit longer than expected as we have always given first priority to our customers. Now it's up and running.

This site will make the user a feel a marked change in the functionality compared to our previous one. The new design offers a more corporate look with professional design layout and textures. The redesign is completely meant to accommodate the ever-changing market trends, techniques and demands. With a brand new update of portfolios and testimonials, potential clients can browse through past and recent work. While going through it, you will find it to be more appealing and user-friendly. Moreover, with the re-launch we have started new services in the areas of 3D & Multimedia that works with best industry standards.

At Dynamic Yards, we wish to discover new prospects with the changing market trends. We are always keen on facing new challenges. This has been a great teamwork by our experts who shared a great rapport and utilized their creative and technical expertise to achieve the milestone of launching this new website.

Feedback is always treasured and respected. If you have any comments, please share with us.

November 15, 2010

Shifting to New Office

We are now gladly put up in our new office area. It's really only a few steps away from where we had occupied earlier. Therefore, the move hasn't posed any obstacles for our ongoing projects. Specialized in providing web development, web design and creative content writing, Dynamic Yards is dedicated in delivering the best. We will always be there at your fingertips with our online presence. Our contact details will remain the same.